The MRX Vision Inspection System (VIS) uses machine vision technology and optical scanning to obtain 2D images and 3D profiles of passing vehicles.

The captured data is recorded, indexed to the vehicle and body location and analysed to compare the measured view with the corresponding expected state.

VIS installations are scalable from a basic configuration inspecting the bogies and underframe equipment to a comprehensive version providing a complete 360° inspection of a passing vehicle.

The VIS is configured to recognise specified fault conditions and provide the required notifications to maintenance personnel, while providing visual status of equipment.

The MRX VIS can detect:

             Missing fasteners or covers

             Damaged equipment (e.g. ladders, steps or handrails

             Obstruction of air vents

             Oil or coolant leaks

             Measurements (e.g. ride height)


The VIS can pinpoint missing components.... ...and even provide a comprehensive inspection of a train


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