Out of Gauge Inspection System

The identification of sliding wheel is an important inspection for freight rolling-stock. Left undetected and uncorrected, sliding wheels may cause damage to rolling-stock and track including significant wheel flats, track damage and catastrophic effects such as derailment and track rip-out.

MRX Technologies has developed a unique system that provides automatic inspection of railway wheels to accurately detect wheel rolling condition. The system enables detection of full or partial sliding wheels.

MRX Out Of Gauge1 MRX Out Of Gauge2
Typical OOG Installation
Freight Vehicle Passing
through Inspection Site

Out Of Gauge Monitoring Systems (OOGM) provides a means of protecting key structures, such as bridges, tunnels, fly-overs, masts etc. that border the railway line.

The System provides alarms and notifications to rail authority for vehicles with objects hanging or extending beyond the allowed structure gauge limits.

MRX Technologies OOGM system utilises a set of laser beams that are aligned with the kinematic envelope. Any object that breaks a beam infringes the Kinematic Envelope and provides an alarm to train control.

The system has provided key safety and protection means for rail infrastructures such as tunnels and bridges especially for intermodal freight lines.

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