Vehicle Equipment Monitoring Systems

Rail Vehicle Component Inspection

The automatic inspection of rail vehicle components such as wheels and brakes has many benefits. Such benefits include the replacement of traditional labour intensive manual inspections by an accurate and repeatable means to identify components that do not meet established maintenance criteria.

The integration of these measurements into maintenance information systems provides maintenance planners with tools for evaluating maintenance efficiencies, review maintenance frequencies and the ability to move to condition maintenance.

The MRX Solution

MRX Technologies has a simple philosophy as far as rail vehicle inspections are concerned. We aim to provide systems that will automatically inspect the key areas of risk when vehicles leave the depot and inspect to identify problems when they enter the depot.

This includes systems that will raise an alarm if a freight train is out of gauge or has wheels that are not rotating as they should.

It also includes systems that will accurately monitor wheel profiles, brake pads and blocks, pantograph carbon and all other components that wear or could be damaged. Alarms are raised when components are too close to their minimum size and trend reports produced so that components can be changed or repaired at just the right time, potentially saving maintenance costs.

MRX Technologies vehicle component monitoring systems uses state of the art technologies to provide accurate information for the condition of following:

For example, these may include:

  • Wheel Profile
  • Wheel Tread Damage (e.g.: Flats, Surface Cracking, Out of Round)
  • Brake Pad/Block Thickness monitoring
  • Door Position Detection
  • Out-of Gauge Detectors- Dynamic Structure Gauge Profile
  • Dragging Equipment Detection.
  • Sliding Wheel Detection

MRX has installed a number of these systems in Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa and the UK. As always, we promise to work with you, the client, to achieve the best outcome for your vehicle inspection needs.

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