Structure and Ballast Measurement


To maintain safe structural clearances and to prioritise maintenance activities, the measurement of movement between the track and the structure is necessary. 

MRX Technologies offers optical scanner systems to measure the infrastructure around track. MRX ballast profiling and structure gauge profiling systems are laser-based scanning systems which provide information about ballast coverage and gauge infringement.

Adequate ballast coverage is required to maintain track support and stability. Excess ballast can cause wheel damage and, in extreme cases, contribute to derailments.

The MRX Ballast Measurement Unit (BMU) provides a record of the ballast profile to determine the locations and volumetric requirements for adding or removing track component.

As the BMU scans sections of the rail line, volumetric calculations indicate which sections of the track require more ballast and which sections could improve with ballast reduction.

The system can be attached to existing vehicles or MRX can provide specialised vehicles.

Ballast and Structure Gauge Measurement capabilities:

             Fast, accurate measurement of ballast levels

             Can be used with MRX rail vehicles

             Part of a range of track and structure inspection systems




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