Overhead Wire Measurement

The monitoring of the positioning of the overhead contact wire relative to the rails of electrified railway track is a key inspection to ensure the safety and reliability of electric rolling stock.

The MRX Overhead Wire Measurement System (OWMS) provides measurements of the height and stagger of the overhead contact wire and the supporting catenary.  Where applicable, the measurements are referenced relative to the body of the host survey vehicle.

The OWMS standard configuration is able to simultaneously track and report the geometry of two contact wires.

                                                                         The MRX OWMS provides accurate and reliable measurements.

The OWMS is available in two versions:

  •  Non-contact

The optical, non-contact measurements of height and stagger for multiple overhead wires are taken with the overhead wire in the unloaded state.

Images are processed in real-time to show the spatial position of identified wire segments. The system can measure the height and stagger of up to two contact wires – even at high speeds - and can be configured to output data at fixed time or distance intervals.

  •       Contact

With the contact OWMS pantographs of rail vehicles operating in revenue service can be instrumented to monitor the condition of the overhead contact wire without affecting normal power.

Typically, instrumented pantographs will measure the accelerations of the pan head and the uplift force required to maintain contact with the overhead conductor. Other measurements may include contact height, line voltage and horn contact.


An example of output from the MRX Overhead Wire Measurement System. The OWMS is available as contact or non-contact versions.



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